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  • Name: Daniel Saedi
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Philly PA US
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    Drew Sherwood

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    yes it was me as pigpen
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    Reply from Thenorthwestern1:

    haha them bashers are coming back and the mods seem happy that theres no one spilling the beans any more. I think me and conch are the only ones who still frequently check back there
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    Now why would PN ban you. Have you been a very bad person on this board? Actually she answered you in one of your posts.

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    Reply from Thenorthwestern1:

    well... I wasn't 18 last year when i was joined.. but i joined when there were 10-15 people and i have no clue what happened... one night i beleive they were calling someone a name and i asked if that person was what they were calling her or something along those lines but it was last july
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    Welcome back.



    Reply from Thenorthwestern1:

    looks like portia still has a lot against me! she's rebanned me :( idk why I'm 18 now i can stay on the board but what ever